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Dr. Maha Jabeen, M.Sc., M.Ed.

“The great aim of education is not knowledge but action”

Education is not merely acquirement of facts but also of values which help us to improve the different facets of mankind. It ensures that we leave the world a far better place than we found it A pivotal role of education lies in shaping the personality of a child into a healthy mind and happy soul who is not only equipped with 21st century skills and aptitude required for academic excellence but help to face the challenges of life in a balanced and harmonious way. Therefore the system of education should work as a catalyst in making each child a balanced human being having his core strengths embedded in the learning experiences emanating from our rich socio cultural roots.
In Citizen Convent we endeavor to map out academic excellence with a good human value system which in myriad ways is ingrained in the culture of the school. To achieve this we strongly feel that a paradigm shift in the mind of all stake holders should take place so that when the school becomes the hub initiate and formalize education it has its tenets enshrined in a good value system the extension of which is thereby taken home where it is further strengthened. And our commitment to such education will always persist in all our endeavors. 

In this pursuit of excellence I appreciate the parents for supporting the school in every aspect I also laud the relentless effort of our teachers for giving their best in bringing out the best in each child. At the same time, I would exhort the students to be always modest, humble and disciplined while being ready to expand the horizons of their knowledge and skills by dreaming big and working hard.

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