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Sports, Music, Art, Craft & drama

In citizen convent time is also allocated to activities which develop physical, emotion & creative intelligence. Sports, music and art considered as integral part of each day. We believe that exposed to set and Aesthetics is central to the development of child's body and soul.  

Talent search programmes

The school provides facilities for a number of talent search programmes besides the academic curriculum.these activities are meant to develop communication abilities and perceptual skills apart from proper utilization of leisure.It also gives to the student an  experience of fellowship and mutual-did which are essential ingredient of a well balanced personality.Student participation in most of these activities is compulsory.  

Developing Good Habits

At citizen convent children are introduced to social skills like curiosity and politeness then move on to more complicated activities like grooming,organising their work,cleanliness add.,to the children, these are meaningful activities that involves caring for themselves,other and environment and becoming more independent in "SWACH BHARATH".  
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